It Finally Got Me

As we all know this has been a trying time.  I have lost my career of 25 years as a Director of large live corporate events.  Years of high pressure gigs.  Working with the smartest people I have had the pleasure to meet, doing over 200 events a year.  Demanding, interesting work; all of it gone in a day back in March.  March 13 the last day I worked.

I rekindled my interest in art and have been doing abstracts.  This is ‘Hospital Abstract’ series in Marker on Paper You see, I had a bit of a breakdown and was taken to the ER, as I walked out the door to go my daughter gave me all her markers and said I would need them.  She was right.  I find it to be a very challenging medium. Then a day later I checked into an inpatient treatment facility for several days as I needed the help.  As of this writing I am two weeks out of the hospital and doing intensive daily therapy for up to 5 hours a day via zoom.

Remember, a lot of people are struggling.  Check in on them.

10×10 marker on artist paper

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